Aliquo Docs


What is Aliquo?

Aliquo is a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain dedicated to building an ERC-721-based reserve asset called AQ1. Aliquo aims to unfold the potential of the ERC-721 protocol as a blockchain-based infrastructure to build a financial public good.

What is AQ1?

AQ1 are 1,000 ERC-721 tokens backed 1:1 by a 0,1% stake in a protocol reserve that accrues royalties earnings.

What is AQ1 Vault?

AQ1 Vault is the protocol reserve backing the value of AQ1, being fully composed Ether (ETH). The vault captures and accrues the royalties earnings from AQ1.

What is Aliquo's flywheel?

Aliquo introduces a flywheel mechanism that makes the protocol collect 100% of earnings from royalties over secondary sales of AQ1 to become employed to back the floor price of the NFTs themselves. This creates Aliquo Flywheel — the protocol’s core mechanism.
Aliquo Docs is based on the Aliquo Whitepaper.
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