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Aliquo DAO


Aliquo DAO is the decentralized organization of AQ1 token-holders that governs Aliquo.

Decentralized Governance

Distributing Aliquo’s decision-making power in favor of the community, the membership of Aliquo DAO is based on holding 0,1% of the total supply of AQ1 (1 of 1,000 NFTs), meaning anyone having at least one AQ1 delegated to their wallet address is allowed to issue or vote on a governance action.

Governance Structure

Aliquo DAO introduces a simple structure where any DAO member can issue a governance proposal, and every DAO member can vote democratically on every decision.

Aliquo Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

As a protocol, Aliquo is developed by the Aliquo Improvement Proposal process. The AIP process provides an open venue and structure for collectively evaluating changes to Aliquo Protocol.
Aliquo Improvement Proposals (AIPs) are the way to:
  • Propose new features for Aliquo Protocol and their rationale;
  • Specify the implementation details of the feature;
  • Collect community input on the proposal;
  • Document design decisions;
  • And more.
Any member of Aliquo DAO can write an AIP. The authors are responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting/addressing dissenting opinions about the AIP.

Governance Process

Voting Weight
1 AQ1 equals 1 vote
Voting Threshold
1 AQ1
Proposal Threshold
1 AQ1
Voting Period
10 Days
501 AQ1
5 Days

Governance Infrastructure

The decentralized governance of Aliquo occurs via Aliquo Forum and Aliquo Snapshot.
Discussions about governance proposals take place at the Aliquo Forum. Then, once a governance proposal is debated at large by the community, it becomes introduced on Aliquo Snapshot for voting.