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AQ1 Vault


AQ1 Vault is the protocol reserve backing the value of AQ1, being fully composed of Ether (ETH). The vault captures and accrues the earnings from royalties of AQ1.
AQ1 Vault is fractionalized in a fixed number of stakes with a theoretical ratio of 1:1 between the stakes and the supply cap of AQ1, on which the token supply cap is the coefficient of the number of stakes, and each stake collateralizes 1:1 the backed floor price of each NFT.

Vault Management

AQ1 Vault is fully autonomous, requiring no management. This means that AQ1 Vault has no external dependencies.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL)

Aliquo owns 100% of the liquidity held in the AQ1 Vault.
100% of the liquidity held at the AQ1 Vault comes from royalties over secondary sales of AQ1.


To guide the AQ1 owners for trading and management, AQ1 Backed Floor Price and AQ1 Royalties Fees data can be viewable in the Aliquo's dashboard.